This Education Tribe was designed with today’s teacher in mind.  It exists to bring teachers together in an effort to help one another meet the daily demands that District, State, and National agencies place on each and every one of us.  We want Crash Test Teacher to be a place where teachers, administrators, and all educational stakeholders can come to find strategies, concepts, curriculum, and all forms of ideas that make the learning environment more awesomely effective for the sake of the student.  

       Mitchell “Mitch” Collin Fairchild is a student of EdTech, creativity, and design.  He is currently in the 4th year of Doctoral Candidacy (Ed. D. Educational Leadership), and along with launching (a website aimed at easing the burdens of teachers everywhere), he likes to find ways for teachers to better express themselves and tap into their most valuable skill…their creativity.

       Mitch is an Audio/Visual guru, who loves to pass his video production knowledge on to his students as they create documentaries, music videos, and PSAs.  As a Design/Technology Teacher, Mitch has mastered, and taught, video game design, shoe design, architecture, yearbook publication, and even stop motion animation in addition to A/V editing and production.

       When he is not teaching in the classroom or doing research for is dissertation, Mitch enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Courtney, and their two beautiful daughters, Carly and Cassidy.

International Award Winning Video:

What Will You Create Today

Winner: 2015 Peterson Academic Symposium

(The Hague, The Netherlands)

For more ways to spruce up your learning environment, and to be ready WHEN those classroom observations do take place, click the link below to subscribe to our education tribe.  And as a bonus, we’ll throw in 26 free Thinking Outside The Box Drills.  

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