Meet The “Fairchildren”

Howdy Y’all! My name is Mitch Fairchild, and I am a Christian, husband, father, Texan, teacher, proponent of life change (for the better), farmers market fanatic, and budding entrepreneur.

A little about me. I love Jesus! I love my family! I am a proud Texan (born and raised)! I am extremely patriotic (I love me some U.S.A.). I believe baseball to be the greatest sport ever invented! I married the most beautiful woman (inside and out) in the world. My wife Courtney was a gymnast back in the day (she was a 5th-ranked national gymnast) and she too is a teacher (and coach). Together, Courtney and I have two beautiful daughters. One’s a dancer and one’s a musician…lots of creativity taking place in our home. We are a family of dog lovers! We love teaching! We are super passionate about sharing our journey from a life of sloth and unhealthy habits to a life of health, nutrition, and overall well-being.

As a technology teacher, I spent 10+ years creating a curriculum that teaches middle and high school student fun and easy ways to create basic clip art designs, and then take those designs and sell them online on various products (t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, pillows, skirts, etc.). While teaching at a Title I school and saw a need for students (and their families) to find a way to make some extra income. From that, I began to get parents involved in the design process and the online business aspect as well. Before long, I realized that what I had created was a program that taught students a way to create fun and easy designs and profit from their creativity.

As a BBQ cook, I’ve spent 12+ years learning how to smoke beef, pork, and chicken on woodfired pits. It’s an art…and it isn’t easy to do…but it’s totally worth the hard work you put into the process. Courtney and I have been cooking BBQ for family and friends since 2011. Folks love our old-school approach to making barbecue. In 2020 (during a pandemic), we decided to see if we could sell it to the masses, so we opened a food trailer and began slinging BBQ. The experience was amazing. After the first few months, we were making a profit. Unfortunately, I found myself writing and creating curriculum for school (my “real” job) during the overnight cooks (it typically takes 12-15 hours to smoke briskets to perfection), and the two worlds weren’t syncing like I wanted. Plus…did I mention we were in a pandemic. So we ended up closing our doors. Bad news…we had to close our doors. Good news…we knew learned that we had a viable means of extra income after retirement. BBQ is definitely in our future in one form or another.

I have a deep passion to see men succeed at home, in life, and in business. Throughout my healthy lifestyle transition, I was given the opportunity to read (A LOT) as part of the “knowledge growth” element of my fitness/wellbeing journey. I felt God leading me to research and discover His true purpose for men. It goes without saying that men, as of late, have been feminized, degraded, mocked, attacked, and ridiculed to the point of exhaustion. Not to mention men are increasingly abandoning their duty as leaders of the family and household…which is probably why the aforementioned events are taking place. God has given me a burning desire to see men restored as leaders in the community, providers for their families, and role models for young boys everywhere. We’ll talk a lot about that here.

Courtney teaches reading strategies to dyslexic students (she has years of experience…I’m dyslexic and so is our youngest daughter) in a Texas public school (we teach at the same campus…#blessed), where she is a linguistics rock star! She is the rock in our marriage and our family. She runs a tight ship, and I (and our daughters) love her for doing so. Courtney is the most Godly woman I’ve ever met.

On May 15, 2022, I decided to make a drastic life change. After 20+ years of being extremely overweight (can you say morbidly obese) and being terribly unhealthy (physically and mentally) I decided to make a change. It all started with a trip to Vegas for our youngest daughter’s 21st birthday in March of the same year. I’ll chronicle that experience in the following next 4 posts. BUT…just know, on May 15th of 2022, I decided to get my life back. After just a few weeks of noticing the passion and determination I had in my pursuit of health and wellbeing, Courtney decided to join me in getting healthy…and we never looked back. At the writing of this post, I’m down “tons of weight” and Courtney is down “a whole lot”! More about that in later posts…don’t want to give away the farm. Let’s just say, personal development has become a great passion for Courtney and me.

Our oldest daughter, Carly, is a Texas musician. She’s amazing. She is no fewer than 4 different bands (as of the writing of this post) and one of her bands just signed a record label contract with the same record label as Jefferson Star Ship (or Jefferson Airplane…or Starship, depending on your age). She’s an incredible singer, bass player, piano player, music teacher, and overall entertainer. She has a heart for Jesus, and she loves to sing to Him…and about Him. She ROCKS!!!

Our youngest daughter, Cassidy, is our dancer. She’s been dancing since she was 3 years old…and the years of hard work have paid off in spades. After graduating high school, Cassidy tried out for, and won a spot on, the World Famous Kilgore Rangerettes collegiate drill team. She now teaches dance (and still performs on a regular basis) here in Texas. She had been blessed to be able to dance at Disney, in New York, For Presidential Inaugurations, and in London for our troops. She uses her God-given talent wisely.

This blog was created to share my thoughts (as feeble as they are) AND share our family’s adventures. I will be documenting our ministry pursuits as well as our business endeavors. Keep coming back around…you’ll be glad you did.

Until next time…have a blessed day!


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