So, as a Technology Teacher, one Unit that I spend quite a bit of time on each year is Animation.  This year is like no other.  We’ve just started our Unit (actually, we kicked it off right before Christmas Break), and my students are LOVING IT as they do every year.

For some reason a year or so back, I happened to read an article on that talked about writing prompts for elementary students (see article here)…hey…I’m a doctoral student…I read all sorts of stuff…anyway, I was reading this article and began to wonder if it would be possible to create some form of animated writing prompt that could be used via PowerPoint.

After a few months of experimentation, I got focused on other work, and forgot about the whole animated writing prompt idea.  Then this year, while prepping my syllabus for the Fall and Spring semesters, I started working on animation curriculum for my students.  While creating, I remembered my animated story starting ideas.  Then I began creating some simple story starters that teachers could use as writing prompts for elementary school students.

WELL…I’ve made a handful and now I need some test classrooms.  The animated looped prompts include a writing packet that helps the student keep better track of their ideas.

If you are anyone you know might be interested in trying one or more of these animated writing prompts out, let me know.

~ Mitch

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