So these past few months, I’ve had the honor of being interviewed for two separate articles for The University of Southern California (USC for you Aggies).  The #USC Rossier School of Education is currently running a series of write-ups on the topic of #EducationalTechnology, specifically #DigitalLiteracy.  They wanted input from the trenches, and I was extremely excited to receive a call stating that I was someone whose input might be valuable.  

Even without my input, the two articles below are awesome and extremely informative.  I encourage you to read them, and feel free to share your thoughts on myths surrounding #EdTech and #Digitally Literate #Teachers.

1) 11 Digital Literacy Myths, Debunked

2) The 7 Coolest Things Digitally Literate Teachers Are Doing in Their Classrooms

~ Mitch

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