So…it’s May the 4th…Star Wars Day (May The 4th Be With You).  This morning I was making a meme/mash-up of Star Wars and Napoleon Dynamite (2 of the top 50 movies of all time).  As I’m creating my AWESOME design, I think to myself, “why should I be the only one who has this much fun today?”  SOOOO…My lesson plan has taken a 1 day “pivot” and all of my classes are now designing “May The 4th Be With You” mash-ups and Memes. 

One reason I even post this (aside form the obvious reason of sharing awesome projects with you) is because I want to emphasize the fact that as teachers, we have a right…no..wait…an obligation to let our students “play.”  We need to introduce opportunities for our students to spread their “innovation wings” and fly.  That doesn’t mean we neglect our State classroom Standards…but that we incorporate them in a way that might be considered “outside the box” (which in all honesty is where I thrive).  If we see an opportunity to take a standard we’re covering (or have covered in the past) and utilize it to have fun, then we need to take that opportunity.  

As my students created Star Wars mash-ups and memes, they were covering software/file management standard (TEKS in Texas) that we had gone over a few months ago. They were able to recall what they’d learned and create awesome products.  The same can be done in English, Math, Science, Art, or any classroom in the United States.

So the next time a “special day” comes along…take advantage of it and incorporate lessons that your students already know, or will be covering soon.  You’re a Rock Star Teacher…Utilize Your Powers.

Now Go…Have Fun…And…May The 4th Be With You.

 Below are the top renditions of the day…so far 

(Mine is the Napoleon Skywalker & Milk and Wookiees meme/mash-up).

Slide1Slide1 2Slide1 3Slide1 4Slide1 5Slide1 6Slide1 7Slide1 8Slide1 9Slide1 10

Here Are Mine…



~ Mitch

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