In an effort to share apps that I believe are effective, efficient, and somewhat cheap (we’re teachers…hello), I am beginning to compile a list of apps that are intended to help you with turning your current classroom into a place that blends technology and ingenuity to create an awesome learning environment.  One minor step towards this goal is by implementing apps in the classroom.  I’m starting off today with a few that I’ve used which I think are AWESOME!  I will continue to add to this list over on the “Appy Classroom” page of this website.  Please stop by often and see what’s new.

Simply Click On The Icons Below, & Start Exploring New Ways Of Designing The Ultimate Classroom Experience For YOU & Your STUDENTS.  Keep Checking Back For More AWESOME App Ideas That Will Make Your Classroom as APPY CLASSROOM.

001Zipgrade Logo.jpg

ZipGrade: (Grade Level: 3-12) Y’all…this app is AWESOME!!!  If you haven’t already, you gotta check it out.  ZipGrade allows you to create scannable answer documents that your students can use on their tests.  Not only will this prepare them for State Assessments (in that it teaches them “bubble” skills), but it gives you the ability to give instant feedback. The second they turn in their test…BOOM…you can see how they did, and have a brief discussion about their results.  BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE…your ZipGrade app account is linked to an online database that allows you to upload your classes and then see the data from your quizzes and tests.  If you are a data junkie…this is the app for you.

Cost: The Individual version is free…but only gives you 100 scans (you will use that up quickly). If you want to continue using the app, you’ll need to pay $6.99/year.  BUT…if you can convince your district to purchase the app, the district version is a one time fee of $12.99…BOOM!!!

001Aurasma Logo.jpg

Aurasma: (Grade Level: 1-12) OK Everybody…This One Will Blow Your Mind!  Aurasma is a free app that allows you to bring any picture to life.  BOOM!!!  Told Ya.  Pictures, Artwork, and even written word will come to life.  You create the animation, but there are also existing Aurasmas all over the place…throughout the world we live in, and the internet we surf everyday.  This app is great for getting students involved in learning via scavenger hunt, gallery walks, or whatever strategy your mind creates.


001Remind Logo.jpg

Remind: (Grade Level:1-12) If you haven’t used (or heard of) Remind, you really need to check it out. This app should be a requirement for every “Parent Night” and “Open House” at every school.  This app allows teachers to send messages, via text, to all of the students in the classroom, as well as (and more importantly) their parents…SWEET!  In an instant you can send a push notification to your students and/or their parents reminding them about an upcoming test, field trip, class party, or parent meeting.  How Cool is That?  Research shows that parents around the country are dissatisfied with the amount of communication they get between themselves and their student’s teacher.  This app totally Annihilates that argument.


001Flashcards Maker Pro Logo.jpg

Flashcards Maker Pro: (Grade Level: 3-12) No matter what grade you teach, flashcards are an old fashioned teaching tactic that has been proven time and again to aid in knowledge acquisition.  Flashcards Maker Pro is an app that allows teachers to create custom flashcards that can be shared with students of all ages.  If they own a smartphone or tablet, then they can play…Oh…I mean study, from anywhere…any time.  You can add vocabulary, AND you can add pictures. What’s more…you can create verbal flash cards where you ask the question(s) and the students have to answer…AWESOME!

Cost: Basic App is FREE…BOOM!  The full version is $1.99.

~ Mitch

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4 Comments on “An Appy Classroom Is A Successful Classroom

  1. Thanks Samantha. If you haven’t checked out Aurasma yet, it is really cool. Have a wonderful weekend.


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